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Before, During & After

UT&E's main responsibility is to coordinate with all parties & gather all the pertinent information from the buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, etc. Like working on a puzzle together, we carefully review all the information and put the pieces together. Ensuring that there are no problems at closing.


A couple of the mayor steps UT&E is responsible for include:
Reviewing sales contract, title report & survey for any title possible title defects. Ordering specific property information such payoff(s), home warranty & termite reports.


In preparation for your closing, UT&E will send you and/or your agent detailed instructions on what you should bring to the table. A few things to keep in mind are: A valid picture ID is required for all signatories. Closing may take between one to one and a half hours. Seller’s closing however, may be shorter. All closing fees and documents are explained at closing. Who comes to closing varies case by case.


Congratulations, your property just closed! However, United Title’s job is not over yet. Our time sensitive tasks begin. UT&E is responsible for recording the deed and other specific documents among the Circuit Court Land Records. Once recorded, United Title may disburse the transaction. This includes sending payoffs, commission, HOA/Condo association dues, inspection, etc. UT&E’s job is not complete until the final lender docs are sent and final title policies are issued.

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